CBN Tools

ACT manufactures an excellent line of quality Cubic Boron Nitride products. ACT CBN tooling is designed to provide increased tool life, great surface finish, and dimensional control, while enabling you to hold a closer tolerance. The materials we excel with but, are not limited to would be tool and die steels, cast irons, hardened steel, and powdered metal. This material works best if the hardness value is over 50 Rc. However, hard turned parts will usually be in the range of 55-68 Rc. The approach to machining hardened steel depends on the hardness and its depth (if case hardened). Call our super abrasives specialist to get the right match for your application and start propelling your business forward.

ACT has several grades of Cubic Boron Nitride and is application specific. Call our ACT applications specialist with your project to get the correct choice to best fit your needs.

Grades and Applications

CBN  for Hard Turning

  • 43 – 50% cbn content: Performs best in materials with a Hardness of 50-60 rc . 43 is designed for high speed finishing applications with light cuts and no interruption.
  • 40– 60-65% cbn content: Designed for use in materials with a Hardness of 50-60 rc . 40 is best used for rough and finishing applications with continuous machining with light interruption.
  • 41– 65% cbn content: 60-65 rc. This particular content will handle some tougher applications with more interruption
  • 42– 70-75% CBN content Our Most Robust Cubic Boron Nitride ready for your toughest applications .It will handle heavy interrupted cutting, because it is so shock resistant .

Cast and Powdered Metal Grades

  • 6– Highest content 90% high abrasion resistance, gray cast iron , some tool and die steels one of the best in the industry
  • 9 85% cbn content, excellent impact resistance, Continuous to interrupted cutting  in  Cast Iron, powdered metals and tool steel machining.

95 -85% cbn content Best impact resistance with great cutting-edge quality and retention.  Works great in Cast, powdered metal and  gear turning.

Industries Served


Gears, axles, shafts, bearings, engine blocks, valve seats, brake rotors, brake drums, clutch plates, transfer housings


Combustion case, shafts, landing gear, bolts, struts, cylinders, turbine disk, turbine blades, turbine shrouds, engine shafts, turbine vanes


Pumps, impellers, shafts, rolls